Thursday, January 31, 2008

George Michael's "Faith" on Eli Stone and on the Web

George Michael is getting a nice, if perhaps temporary, career lift from the new TV show "Eli Stone," which is having its premiere Thursday night. A yuppie lawyer who seems to have everything going for him has a crisis of, well, "Faith," and hears snippets of a song playing throughout the day, and it turns out the song is Geroge Michael's '80s hit. Not only that, the song is performed by Mr. Michael himself, in Eli Stone's living room, and then in the lobby of his office building.

You can't buy the kind of exposure (no pun intendd) that Michael is getting from "Elli Stone" ...the song was played in all the many promos for the series, and figures prominently in the series opener.

Of course, George Michael is still promoting himself, and you can find out all about his performances, albums, videos, setlists from his "25 Live" tour, and more at the official George MIchael Web site. You can also view his set opening the new Wembley Stadium in London at the George Michael section of Yahoo! Music.

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