Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comedian Lisa Landry - Video Clips, Official Web Site, MySpace Page

Comedian Lisa Landry (official Web site) is a Cajun from Louisiana, but now she lives in New York City. She was originally Catholic, but converted to Judaism. As you can imagine, all this gives her plenty of material to turn into stories and jokes: she has not one but two religions to make fun of, and she can riff on the South as well as NYC.

Landry was the star of her own comedy special in 2007, imaginatively titled, "Comedy Central Presents Lisa Landry." She's made guest appearances on various TV shows, and has also done voiceovers for commercials. She's currently performing a number of gigs at New York's Gotham Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar, and other clubs, and then is hitting the road to do shows in Dayton, Ohio and Austin, Texas.

You can also check out Lisa Landry's MySpace page here, and view video clips of her at her page at Comedy Central.

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