Thursday, January 24, 2008

Giants in Super Bowl ... Where's Scott Norwood?

With the New York Giants in the Super Bowl this year, thoughts go back to the team's last triumph in the Big Game: their 20-19 win in 1991. As anyone who saw the game to sum it up in two words, and they'll probably say "Scott Norwood."

Norwood was the Buffalo Bills' place kicker, and with 8 seconds left in the game and the Giants up by one point, he had the chance to win the game for his team. But his 47-yard kick was wide right, and the name Scott Norwood went down in history with other would-be heroes who turned out to be goats, along with (for New Yorkers) Bill Buckner. Bucker was the Boston Red Sox first baseman who let a grounder roll between his legs in the World Series and enabled the Mets to get back in, and ultimately win, the 1986 baseball crown.

So with the Super Bowl coming up, I wonder... what's Scott Norwood up to these days?

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