Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday to Legos!

Yep, it's the 50th birthday of Legos, those little plastic bricks that kids (and others) have been using to build houses, entire cities, and replicas of all kinds of things, such as the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship. (And Google has even changed its logo for today in a tip of the hat to Lego.)

Check out the official Lego Web site and check out some of the amazing Lego creations that users have built. There are sections for Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones themed Lego designs, as well as Lego trains and, of course, many homes and other types of buildings.

Someone has even claimed to have create the entire Michael Jackson "Thriller" video using Legos... watch it here.

Lego even has software that you can download to help you design the kind of Lego building you want to create, put together your plan, and then upload it and order just the parts you need to put your dream house together.

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