Friday, January 25, 2008

Cora Skinner MySpace Page - Dozens of Photos

Brody Jenner is one lucky guy. The star of The Hills has a new girlfriend, and it's the sexy brunette model Cora Skinner. Jenner has said that his family has met Cora and his parents approve. Well, that's good to know, right? Yeah, sure.

As you can imagine, people are dying to see photos of Cora Skinner, but her Web site seems to be under construction and has just one page, with a photo of her on it. Fortunately, you can head to Cora Skinner's MySpace page, which has dozens of photos, conveniently arranged into different albums. So if you happen to like how a particular photographer captures the beauty of Cora Skinner, you can head straight for those pictures.

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Anonymous said...

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