Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Promises "Sexy Local Vixens" Free

Two of the most popular things in society are 1) hot young women and 2) virtually anything that's free. A new dating site called "" has the title of Local Vixens and promises lovely local women, and claims to be completely free to register.

There are the usual pictures of young women in sexy poses, but clicking on them just takes you to the "join" screen. So while they're promising it's free to join, it's hard to tell what you'll really be getting. How many women are registered on the site? Does have chat rooms? It's hard to tell from the home page. But it's clear that this site has struck a chord in people, because it's one of the most searched for terms this evening.


Patrick O'Hara said...

I searched for the site (and found yours) because they sent me a text message. I wanted to check it out prior to going there, especially as I am at work and you never know what might pop up. Don't know how they got my phone number? Not planning on going to the site.

Launchpad said...

Thanks for the comment. Some comments I've seen elsewhere suggest that the site is a scam site run by people who used to operate a site under a different name.